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Downloads for Developers

ShiVa Editor: Free Web Edition

Free and non time-limited! Get our revolutionary Game Creation Tool completely free of charge and start making games for the Internet!

The Free ShiVa Web Edition Includes: The latest ShiVa Editor, ShiVa Server PLE, ShiVa Engine SDK, ShiVa Web Browser Plugins as well as Standalone Players.

ShiVa 1.9 is currently available on Windows XP/Vista/7/8
or any other Desktop OS running Windows in a Virtual Machine
Download | Documentation

ShiVa Authoring tool

Publish your games on over 16 platforms at once, all with a single click!
Download the free Authoring tool to convert files created with ShiVa into working application.

Note: You will need a BASIC or ADVANCED License to publish games without a watermark.
Download | Documentation

ShiVa Beta Pages

BASIC and ADVANCED Licensees are eligible to take part in our BETA program, which grants them early access to ShiVa Editor pre-releases, Authoring Tool builds, and quick engine bugfixes. Help us make your favourite 3D Game Creation Tool even better!

ShiVaTools for 3dsMax v1.5.2

If you are a 3dsMax user, this tool is made for you.
It will help you to create a game engine ready model : advanced skinning correction, material optimization, baking, direct collada export…
Download | Documentation

Various code samples

A set of various code samples that should be studied by any serious ShiVa developer!
Includes code snippets for different engine features like Wiimote support, Viewport rotation, microphone, custom startup packs, and many more.

Materials Library v1.0

A set of various materials, from Soap Bubble to Brushed Metal.
This set of materials is designed to be used with the ShiVa Library features, read the documentation for more information.
Download | Documentation